We know web, how can we help you with that?

Reobwuein is a digital development company, utilising the latest web technologies we create cross device optimised websites and applications.

The key to great products is to make sure nothing is forgotten. For digital products this means; strong strategies, well done design and well done code. This is where we come in.


  • IxD

    Vague ideas to technical blueprints

  • WordPress+

    Building highly customised WordPress websites

  • Team Player

    Extra capacity for your team

  • Touch your site

    Move your website into a touch experience.

  • Briqworks

    Modular WordPress websites; fully functional, but not branded

This won't be empty for long, come back soon.


  • Site update

    The website is updated! It was on the TODO list for a while now, but finally found some time. This new version is mainly a restyle of… read all

  • First service to BETA: Briqworks

    Reobwuein is proud to present Briqworks, a service providing feature based wordpress themes. There are a lot of people that are capable of designing beautiful websites, but… read all

  • Reobwuein goes social

    Do you want to keep up to date about everything that happens around Reobwuein? Now you can! We are now present on the key social media and… read all

Redmine project management

Reobwuein uses redmine to track it's projects. If you are a client you can login and report a bug, request support or request a feature for your project.

Redmine is where you can follow project progress, see documentation, see the roadmap, see the planning and communicate with all the project members.

login page

If you want to give it a try send us an email, and we will add you to our demo project.